By writing books I wanted to achieve a pleasant and fast reading experience.
Which will take you on an adventure inside yourself.

The knowledge and the exercises contained in the book will allow you to better understand yourself and the processes taking place in you.

With this, you will be able to become aware of and separate from yourself „things” that are not part of you.
And to reveal the real you and find out why your life looks like this.

However, it all depends on you.
How deep
you will want to look.
How honest you will be in front of yourself.
Remember only you have the power to shape your true self.

To improve the quality of your life.

Enjoy and Be You

The most important person in Your life- thats is you

The first part of the series „Asking who am I?”

The book is a wake-up call.
Become more aware of how you are important
And why you should focus on yourself.
Focus on your story because your background shaped you

Find why self-love is important.
Be aware how what your life looks like.  
It’s all there and all begins with you.

Start here and improve the quality of your life.


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The most important person in your life that's you
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„It’s not a book. It is the opener. This is the key to the adventure to go inside yourself, open your mind, and ask: Who am I?”


tadeusz czerwiński

„Book literally saved my life. Read it. It’s going to change Your life, too. It details what changes Your life. This book points to Your heart as the most important one.  Just one book and the whole new world. Your world.”


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